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Our evidence-based, behavioral health program provides virtual support for your population across the mental health spectrum.


Together we can Improve patient care.

Care Team

Person-centered collaborative care teams that specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy, measurement-based treatments & evidenced accountable care focused on clinical outcomes.


Comprehensive patient registries and engagement apps that enable collaborative care communications and consistently monitor patient mental health while offering mental health education & self-therapy practices.


Psychiatrists, pharmacists & behavioral health clinicians work with patients and providers using a systematic, seamless, and cost-effective approach for providing patient-centered care to a defined population.


Our own high-quality, HIPPA-compliant video communications platform allows providers to expand geographical care delivery, improve clinical efficiency & increase revenue.

Mental health tools that work.

The MindHealthy app houses hundreds of days of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and meditations for your patients that reinforce your care plans. With our app, you will always feel confident reccommending MindHealthy to patients as it is one of the only platforms using content that is both evidence-based and approved by behavioral clinicians specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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